We Do Price Match

If you see a lower price or a better offer from our competitor, please give us the chance to match or beat it. The item or offer you would like us to match or beat needs to meet certain qualifications:

  • Must be sold in the US, from a competitor based in the US, on an "official" website or from an authorized retailer. (competitors in other countries, or auction sites like E-Bay, Amazon do not qualify)
  • We only match identical items. (example: we won't price match between a Basketweave mosaic with black dots and grey dots, both items has to be same dot color)
  • Needs to be currently in stock with the advertised price on our competitor's website. (competitor's prices can change depending on stock levels, over the phone offers are not applicable)
  • We can't price match after an order has been placed
  • Shipping charges may apply even if we price match.
  • We reserve the right to decline any requests.

Please submit your request by filling out the information below. Once your request has been submitted, it will be reviewed by a representative. We will respond via email. All approved price match offers will have a 7 day expiration. Some additional restrictions may apply.

Please supply your shipping zip code and item information within "Details" section (ie. SKU, part number, competitor information).

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